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Digital tools based on proven ideas to help more people live lives of purpose, connection, and fulfillment. We call these Tools For Humanity.

Technology + Humanity

Technology [ tek-nol-uh-jee ] noun, "the application of knowledge for practical ends" for Humanity [ hyoo-man-i-tee] noun, "the quality or condition of being human"


About Us

Tools For Humanity is a research lab + product company exploring how technology can be used in helpful and human-first ways to help more people thrive.We believe in using technology for good, focusing on its unique abilities to make proven ideas more accessible, provide helpful guidance and guardrails, and economically scale what's working to more people.We're building our tools in partnership with our community, learning by frequently shipping, using our tools ourselves, and co-creating what's possible together.


Our Work

We learn by shipping and trying experiments ourselves and with our community members, iterating based on our experiences and feedback.

The guided journaling app for a life of clarity, action, and fulfillment - at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

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Our Point of View

Why We're building tools for humanity
Why and how we're helping to support other people's wellness (and my own wellness) by creating tools for humanity.
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How Tools Created Modern Humans
To understand how we can create tools for humanity, it’s helpful to understand the history of how tools have enabled humans to develop into the humans we are today.
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